Escaping Mr. Death

I wrote this poem many years ago while bored at work


Death came knocking at my door

I watched him from a hole,

I felt his cold and icy stare

Deep down in my soul.

This was oh so very bad.

I was not ready yet.

Just couldn’t go this very day

With dreaded Mr. Death.

He raised his hand to knock once more,

Frowning impatiently.

Knock! knock! knock! knock!

He really wanted me!

I quickly searched around the room

For a place to hide.

Anywhere just to escape

The Grim Reaper outside.

Taking one last glance through the hole,

I saw but could not believe.

The Reaper looked straight at me

Then turned around to leave!

What a lucky man I was that day!

To have avoided death.

I had gotten another chance

To take another breath.


Goodbye Reaper!


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