I Saw Santa!

Did you hear the one about Santa,

And how I saw him one year?

I am serious! This is no lie

This story you have to hear.


I was up late sipping Eggnog

And it was Christmas eve.

I heard a sound but then I thought,

It was my roommate, Steve


Then I heard a crash and a ‘HO!’

From my fireplace

I looked up and saw old Santa

With soot all over his face.


Want a cookie, Santa?

I asked as he stood there

NO! No! No! he replied

I should be out of here!


He went about his business

Putting toys under the tree

Then took the cookies and milk to go

Completely ignoring me.


Then just like that he was gone

The fat man and his sack

I stayed up drinking all that night

But Santa did not come back.


If you don’t believe my story

I don’t blame you one bit,

Because I think my Eggnog

Had traces of rum in it.

















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