The Fly In My Eye

Oh me oh my

I thought I would die

when a fly went in my eye.

I started to shout

then jumped about

until my wife gave me a clout.


she said, stop it you fool!

you sound like a tool

crying like a kid in school.

We are in a store

don’t embarrass me more

at least wait till we are out the door


People were all staring

my poor eye was tearing

And I totally felt like swearing.

Well woe is me!

I barely can see

honey sorry for being so wimpy.


You men are all the same!

Can’t stand a little pain,

driving us women insane!

But honey…NO BUTS!

It’s driving me nuts

I’d rather a thousand cuts.


Let’s get out of here

I’ll lose it I fear

you make me pull out my hair.

you and your damn eye

and your silly little fly,

Sometimes I really wish you’d die!


But hon, when you bleed

every month you plead

and I always heed.

I gave you your space

in a terrible haste

for a while you don’t see my face.


So don’t add flame to my fuel.

there’s no need to be cruel

and pray, let us not duel.

Let me deal with this fly

that’s still in my eye,

today, one of us will die!






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