How The Grinch Stole Music

Grinch - Ice! 3

The mean old Mr. Grinch came one day

To steal music and took it away

Gone is good old Rock and Roll

The music that used to feed my soul

R&B, Reggae and Hip Hop

He replaced them all with Teenie pop.

Music that once made me glad,

Now do nothing but make me sad.

Why Mr. Grinch? Please tell me why.

Why did good music have to die?

The Grinch laughed and he said to me,

I’ll leave you the talent-less Britney

Listen to your heart’s content

Some think her music is heaven-sent.

But Mr. Grinch, how dare you!

She lip syncs, you know that too!

And please don’t leave me with Madonna

Or that one-dimensional Rihanna

Mr. Grinch ignored me and walked out the door

And good genuine music was no more.

*                                  *                                             *


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