Interview With The Dead Pt.1

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Me:                So you are dead, right? Like totally?

The Dead:  Of course, of course, just look at me

Me:                          But..But that can’t be right!

                             Shouldn’t you only be out at night?

The Dead:     No my friend, things have changed

                           We are now what is called free ranged

Me:                         Can you believe this crazy shit?

                                     This is sure to be a TV hit.

                                    I feel as though I’ve gone insane

                                   Or this is just some silly game.

                                   A dead man right in front of me!

                                    An apparition, a ghost, a damn zombie!

The Dead:            Are you done insulting me?

                                    It’s not a show but reality

                                  I am dead, yes really dead

                                 Just let it sink into your head

Me:                       Of all the crazy things I’ve done

                               This has to be the weirdest one

The Dead:          Why don’t you write a blog post

                               About interviewing me, the ghost?

                              Readers might think it’s cute and funny

                              And maybe it could even earn you money.

Me:                    Dead man, you sure stink up the joint

                            But I admit I do see your point.

                              I will blog about this interview

                            That I had today with you.

                              Maybe someone will be impressed

                            And then I could be Freshly Pressed…

                           Goodbye Mr.  Dead man, see you later, NOT!

                          Rest In  Peace, or should I say ‘rot’?



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