Missing Words

Did you hear about that WordPress blogger
Who got decked one day by a jogger?
It was in central park
Not yet quite dark
The runner didn’t see the poor bugger.

His thoughts went flying in the air
Sentences and words everywhere.
Someone lent him a hand
And when he could stand
You should have heard the poor man swear.

He cried, “Son of a bitch! What the fu**!
Of all the darn stinking luck!
What could be worse?
My ideas all lost.
And that damn jogger don’t give a fu##!”

His readers and followers were sad.
But some fellow bloggers were glad.
But it wasn’t a joke
The poor ole bloke
Blogging was all that he had.

He never regained his prowess,
Though he tried and gave it his best.
Then one day he died
From bloggers suicide.
It’s sad but at least he found rest.

RIP Writers Block


Writers’ block 

Stumped BloggerMiss


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