Interview With The Dead. Pt.II

English: Logo from the television program The ...

English: Logo from the television program The Walking Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After I interviewed the Dead
Questions remained in my head
Was this thing even really true?
I gave a dead man an interview?
Did I make the whole thing up?
The thoughts kept coming, wouldn’t stop.

I needed to prove it was no dream
And things were indeed as they seemed
So off in search of The Dead I went
From grave to grave, I was hell-bent.
And then I saw him standing there
As if formed right out of thin air.

Hey you Dead fella, long time no see
I hope that you still remember me.
The last interview you and I had
Made me think I was raving mad
My friends and family all laughed at me
Interviewing The Dead?  What a loony!
So tell me mister, are you really dead?
Or just playing weird games with my head?

Buddy, you know that I am for real
No fake here.  I am the real deal.
Sorry your friends and family
Questioned your very sanity
You see I am a walking dead.
So let that sink into your head.

But…But how could this be so?
Explain to me. I want to know
Dead people just don’t walk around.
They stay buried within the ground.
How could you achieve this task?
Is what I really want to ask.

 I do belong deep in the earth
Covered in worms and stinky dirt
How I became a walking dead
I can’t decipher in my head.
So I just cannot explain to you
This zombie walking thing I do.

Well thank you anyhow, Zombie man
I wish that I could understand
But with my two eyes I could see
That indeed you are in front of me
This is my last goodbye to you
Many thanks for the interview.

Please say a prayer for my soul
That it might find rest in this hole
Tell your friends and family
That you are sane as sane could be
And you should write another blog too
Call in Interview With The Dead Part II.


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