Hillbilly Love

th (1)

“I love you so much.”  Said his wife.
“I’m glad that You are in my life.
I’ll give you anything,
Even treat you like a king
And then she pulled out a knife”.

“I love you very much too, hon,
Without you life just won’t be fun.
In the entire world
There’s no better girl.”
And that’s when he pulled out his gun.

“It’s the same two”. said the cops when they came
“They were going at it once again.
We should throw them in jail
Without any bail
Damn hillbillies! They have no shame!”

The wife kissed her man on the mouth
He said, “Now that’s what I’m talkin bout!
I’ll meet you in bed
And please don’t play dead.
One sec while I let the pig out.”

The Author. March 22, 2013


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