Thought I Saw

I thought I saw a pussycat
But it was just a real big rat.
The biggest rat I’ve ever seen
For sure a rat king or a queen.

I had gotten up to pee
It was dark, I couldn’t see.
But could tell that it was big
Almost like a baby pig.

He brushed against my leg I swear
And that’ s is when I felt his hair.
I know you won’t believe me now
But I am almost  sure he said ‘meow’.

Please believe me, I never lie
I saw a rat-cat with my two eyes!
I told my wife what I had seen.
She laughed and said to me, “Rat Queen?’

But my eyesight has no flaw
I know what I thought I saw
It was right there in front of me
A rat that looked like a big pussy.

The Author.  April. 2nd. 2013


Day 2 NaPoWriMo


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