It’s A Damn UFO, Mavis!

Mavis look! Way up in the sky!
Is that a UFO?
No hon, come back to bed
And close the damn window!

But Mavis please come take a look,
And tell me what you think.
My eyes are not fooling me
I never had one drink.

Leave me alone! Let me sleep!
You and your UFO bunk!
Don’t you know it’s 2am?
I am sure you must be drunk!

Well fine! Just lie there in bed!
What do you even know?
It’s a damn UFO, Mavis!
An effing UFO!

Photograph of "an unusual atmospheric occ...

Photograph of “an unusual atmospheric occurrence observed over Sri Lanka,” forwarded to the UK Ministry of Defence by RAF Fylingdales, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











The Author.  April. 4th. 2013



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