Goodbye Old Man Winter

th (1)It’s getting rather late, old man
You really have to go.
And don’t forget to take with you
Your now unwanted snow.
You have worn out your welcome
At first you were a guest
But now I am not sad to say
You’re nothing but a pest!

So goodbye old man Winter.
You need to go right now.
If Spring should find you lurking here,
There would be such a row.
Your blizzards and your freezing temps
We don’t want anymore.
Let me be the perfect host
And walk you to the door.

Walk safe, old man Winter!
Watch your step out there!
And don’t you be in a rush
To come back next year.
I hate being rude to seniors
Forgive me if I’m crass
But when you walk out of the door
I hope it smacks your ass!

Goodbye Winter.  Oh hello Spring!

Written by the author: March 19/2013

Note: The poem prompt for today is to write a goodbye poem.  I just had to re-share this one but will still write a new one for today.


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