“I couldn’t have done it, detective”.
She said in a whispery breath
Her face hidden behind a smoke shawl
As she drags on a long skinny cigarette
Perched precariously between pearly
White teeth.
“Want to share a drink with me?”

Well if she didn’t and he didn’t
Who did?
Perplexed and tired, he grabbed his
Briefcase, straightened his tie and walked
Out of the loud bar room.
As he leaves, a pair of eyes followed him.
The man in the black trench coat
Sitting at the back of the room.
trying to look casual but alert.
Could it be him?
Trench coat guy got up, downed
His drink and walked out behind the detective…

The Author: April 9th 2013

National Poetry Writing Month, day 9th prompt.  A noir poem.


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