The Dirty Kid

I once knew a kid
Who didn’t shower,
What a pig!
Went to his bed
Stinky sweaty
Yes he did.

His friends held their noses
When he passed
And go “Phew!
“Take a shower dirty boy!
You smell like poo!”

The boy didn’t care
That he had an odour
Like a skunk.
You could really smell him
From quite a distance away
He really stunk!

No amount of cologne
Or his sister’s perfume
Couldn’t mask
The smell of his armpits
And you know where else
So don’t ask.

I don’t know what happened
To that dirty little kid
Maybe he finally showered
Or took a hot bath
I don’t know.

Loosely based on a real person.

Written by The Author.  April 9th 2013

Written as part of National Poetry Writing Month, Day 11.


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