That Girl Rita

I had a bff named Rita,
Never loved her but I didn’t hate her.
She just wasn’t my type,
Or the time wasn’t ripe.
When she asked I always said later.

She wasn’t ugly, some called her pretty.
Smart, funny and a bit witty.
But she was only a friend
And I couldn’t pretend
To do so would have been shitty.

My friends they were really quite rude.
And asked if I saw Rita nude.
They said “how could you pass
On tapping that ass?
At least try touching a boob.”

But I never did pass my place.
Never saw below Rita’s waist.
She once bared her chest
And I did see her breast
But we never ever sucked face.

Now I regret the chances I missed.
No touch, not even a kiss?
Maybe I was gay,
Or just had no play
I could have,  I should have, I wish.


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