It’s All A Conspiracy!

I believe in conspiracies,

replacing ‘facts’ with theories.

Did you know that Marilyn

was murdered by a drug king pin?

And MLK and JFK

was a hit by the CIA?


I am sure you know about Princess Di

If not just ask the FBI

I have a feeling that MJ

Was done in by the KKK

And if you think Elvis is dead

Someone needs to check your head.


How about Tupac and Biggie?

Maybe ask their friend P.Diddy

Someone out there knows something

Even who shot J R Ewing.

The Boston Blast were by two brothers?

Could be so but were there others?


Lance Armstrong’s moon landing wasn’t real.

I heard it from his brother, Neil.

And one more thing before I go,

Area 51 does have a UFO.

Open your eyes and you will see

that it’s all just a conspiracy.



The Author. April 26.2013



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