Goldfish In A Bowl

indexSometimes I am a shark.
Swimming in a vast ocean.  Preying!
Destroying! Devouring!
With my razor teeth, I prowl
fearlessly.  Feared.
My ocean is my mind.  Without
boundaries.  I can be who or what
I want to be.  The bottomless sea
is the limit.
But sometimes I forget
The power of my mind.
And that’s when I become
instead of a shark, a goldfish.
Confined in a fishbowl.

By The Author.  May 31. 2013


My Lost

I shudder
when I think of you
with another.
I will cry
if I see
the guy
at your side
or even
in your ride.

I lost.
Should have
kept you
at all cost.
Such a fool
to think
I was cool
now I’m
all sad.
Lost the
best thing
I’ve ever had.

I know.
I should have
never let you go
but hold on
for dear life
maybe proposed
and make you
my wife.
but it’s done
I’ve had
my fun.
I’ve lost
the fight.
Hope he
treats you
right. Goodbye
and goodnight.


A Stroke

I thought I had a stroke,
No joke.
Even smelled burnt toast,
Of course!
My right eye or left,
Not sure which
But it sure had something
Like a twitch.
My chest felt tight,
Wasn’t right
I thought I was dead,
In my head.
My blood pressure was high
To the sky
And I could see my demise
In my eyes,
But then I was saved!
A close shave!
If the truth be told,
I was just cold.

The Author.

Happy Mother’s Day, Momma

Momma, I don’t know how you did it,

When daddy just upped and quit.

A single mom with four of us.

But you managed without a fuss.

You worked so hard to give us food

Like a hen caring for her brood.

With hard work and motivation

Who needs higher education?

A mom like you is hard to find

Because you are one of a kind.

So have a Happy Mother’s Day!

And may God bless you in every way!

Dear John

Well Dear John, you are such an ass!
A break up letter?  Have some class!
I know it’s all about that fight.
Yes the one we had the other night.
Even for you John, this is low!
But I’m sure you already know.

I opened up my heart to you,
My family even loved you too.
In love I learned you never quit
So this hurts a lot, I must admit.
But you are right, I’ll find someone
I hope he’s nothing like you, John!

Your diamond ring and PS3
Means more to you than they do to me.
My dad will drop them at your place
For I can’t stand to see your face.
You have caused me so much pain.
My hopes, my dreams,  all in vain.

John, right now I’m as mad as hell!
I sure hope that you can tell.
You are one selfish heartless prick!
Who thinks only with his dick!
I hope that you will find someone
Who hurt you like you hurt me, John.

Don’t reply, leave me alone.
Lose the numbers of my phones.
And maybe even better yet,
let’s pretend we’ve never met.
You are a joke, John! A joke I say!
Goodbye jerk! Have a nice day!


Response to A Dear Jane Letter.  Written by The Author.  May 10 2013





A Dear Jane Letter

Dear Jane, I think you must know
that I’ve decided to let you go.
And no, it’s not about last night.
It’s not because we had a fight.
I love you and for love’s sake,
I’ve decided we need a break.

When I come to get my things,
You could keep the diamond ring.
But I want my PS3
That my mommy bought for me.
And if you want my Bulls Jacket
It’s ok, you can have it.

I know you planned a future with me,
with kids, a house and family.
You are young and beautiful, that’s true
And will find someone that’s right for you.
It would be best if you don’t reply.
Jane, I’m sorry.    And goodbye


Written by The Author.  May 10. 2013.


Dear John

The Smiling Man

Beneath his impenetrable

and well constructed


boils a cauldron

of self-doubt.

Fueled by the flames

of hopelessness

and failures.

The aroma of

sweet success

fills the air

but it is not his own.

His cauldron,

emits the sweaty smell

of defeat.

On the other side

of his shield,

his perpetual smile