Mirror Image

Hey you there!

why are you

looking at me?

with your accusing eyes,

do you

like what you see?

you think you are

better than me

I can tell.

those eyes…

those lips…

your face rings a bell.

Who are you?

what is

your problem?

All your

negative thoughts

I can read them.

You think

my life’s

just a sham,

and I’m

not who

I pretend that I am.

Well look

at you

mr. perfect!

with gold chains

draping around

your neck.

oh wait!

I have the same

chains too!

which means

you are me

and I  you!


Blaming It On Napowrimo

Napowrimo made me ill
And months after, I’m ailing still
Writing poems every day
Finding things I had to say
Now I’m all poemed out
Nothing cometh from my mouth
Napowrimo is to blame
Napowrimo, what a shame!

Maybe I wasn’t deep enough
Life as a poet can be rough
I was just a part time poet
And maybe that’s just what did it
I probably drained my poetry tank
A negative amount in my poem bank?
Napowrimo, if this is true
I’m sorry for putting the blame on you