The Kid With A Pin

There once was a kid with a pin
Who poked me and punctured my skin
It hurt what he did
And though just a kid
I kicked him hard in the shin.

His mom was furious at me
“Can’t you see he’s only just three?”
I said “Sorry ma’am,
but I don’t give a damn.
Your kid needs help, seriously!”

Now the kid’s a full grown man
And his mom cannot understand
Why her innocent lad
Turned out so bad
Could it be the parent he had?

Today it might just be a pin
that he uses to puncture one’s skin
But it’s all games and fun
Until the pin is a gun
And the man is no longer a kid.



Brain fried

on drugs

eyes cried

need hugs




no home

more pain

at night


lost fight


and scorned


when born


in womb

a fate

of doom.

Written by: The Author

The World I Used To Know

As I sit on my chair

with my thoughts

of yesteryear.

A sensation

on my cheek,

it’s a tear.

What is happening

to my world?

to that boy?

to that girl?

Lack of respect

is the norm.


long gone.

Socially inept

can’t converse,


makes it worse.

As I ponder and reflect

my eyes well up

tears flow.

can’t stop.



I must go.

Just A Movie Kiss


It’s just a simple movie kiss,
Nothing more, no sexual bliss.
If my hand comes to rest
Upon her plump voluptuous breast,
And another on her hip
While I savour her sweet lips,
Please honey, trust me on this,
It’s nothing but a movie kiss.

Don’t be fooled by our closed eyes
I honestly never get a rise
And about the moans you hear
All acting honey, do not fear.
When we lie naked in bed
Don’t let that get into your head
It is indeed just an act
Believe me babes, it is a fact.

We follow the script faithfully
It calls for the kiss to be steamy
And as my tongue explores her mouth
That’s what acting is all about
We make it seem oh so real
But darling it’s no big deal
And I really do promise
It’s only just a movie kiss.

Written by Me. November 18/13

The Shadow

I don’t know my dad, never did.
The man who some say I
resemble. Just in looks, I hope.
Stories from my mom
and family, tells of
a funny man, like me.
But I hope that’s where it

Saw him once, I did.
So close we were but so far.
I expected more. Like a hug.
But nothing came from The
Shadow that he was to me.
Less than a friend.

I still hear of him. Yes he lives. And
I wonder, if he thinks of me.  Misses me.
Wishes he could hug me. Talk to me
Like a dad to a son. And meet my
boys.  Who have heard so much about
The Shadow.

So much to say but I can’t
talk to a Shadow.  It won’t matter.
Do I love him? How could I love the unknown?
Forgive him? Yes I do but for what?  I don’t
Know.  I learn from him what not to
do.  To be there for my own and to love.
Not be
The Shadow.


It was no thriller

in Manila

but it still got attention



Utter devastation.

A typhoon so big

they called it Haiyan

Worst storm to ever

be seen by humans.

Thousands of lives lost

the ultimate cost

A country destroyed

Like a kid wrecks a toy

But a will cannot be daunted

Rebuilding’s a must

Strength and hope flaunted

In God the people trust.

Read It Like This

Sometimes when I write a poem that I am really excited about, I get my wife to read it out loud to me.  It’s disappointing when I realize it doesn’t exactly sound like I intended it to.  When I write the lyrics, it’s like song in my head, I have a rhythm, but even with punctuations, it is still difficult to convey the intonations and rhythm that I have in my head as I write.

When I read back my poems, they sound wonderful and I can’t wait to publish so everyone can read them the same way.  But then I thought, “What if the reader doesn’t read it like that?  They are going to miss the gist of it.  It doesn’t even sound as good if not read the way I intended.”  I wish I could read my poems to you instead of writing them but unfortunately I can’t.

That makes me wonder about those poems we dissect in school.  Is that exactly what the writer, who is long dead, wanted us to get out of his poem or is it just us interpreting it in our own way?  Who knows.  In the meantime, go ahead and read my poems your way.  Then read it over again, but this time read it like this…


I Am Back!

Hey followers and readers, I started this blog because I like to write poems about any and every topic. It started out well and was very popular, but I signed up for the NAPOWRIMO, which is the National Poetry Writing Month and wrote a poem a day.  It was a good. I did great but when it was over, I was done! Like dinner. Nothing in the tank.  Depleted.

I took some time off.  Didn’t want to think of another poem.  Then it happened!  This morning I jumped out of bed excitedly.  And way to early for a Saturday morning. I had poems in my head! They had to get out! I was back!  I am back!

Thank you my faithful followers for sticking with me and not jumping ship.  For you new readers, fasten your seat belts.  I am here to stay.  I am digging in!  No more deserting the troops.

I am back!


I Bumped Into My Crazy Ex!

I saw my ex yesterday!

Which one?

The one with the kid.

Oh Yvonne!

Remember how nuts the chick was?

Yes I do!

I was glad when it was all over!

Who dumped who?

Who cares? I saw her at the mall.

So you said.

She was with that guy from the gym.

You mean Fred?

Yes him.  I think they are dating.

And so?

Nothing.  Just saying man.

Ok bro.

So you saw her at the mall,

you said hi?

Well yes, but she said, “Eff Off!

and go die!”

But yeah, I saw her yesterday at the mall.


And I never ever want her back.

So you say.