My Wife Can

Nice tribute to a wife

Musings Of A Daddy

Some women can cook but not all can cook great,
My wife can.
Some women can cook great but not be good wives
My wife can
Many can be great wives but can’t be good mothers
My wife can
Lots of great cooks, wives and mothers can’t be carpenters
My wife can.
How about mason and gardener?
My wife can.
Lover? Friend and exemplary employee?
My wife can.
Some people can do just about anything
And you guessed it,
My wife can.

To my wife, the most put together human being that I know.  You never cease to amaze me.

Catering a wedding Catering a wedding

Carpenter Carpenter

IMG_0192 She can be a landscaper

P1120498 And still be a mommy

2013-06-30 12.23.192013-01-06 09.33.272013-06-09 09.20.592013-06-02 14.43.57

And a Marathon Mom! And a Marathon Mom!

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