Just A Movie Kiss


It’s just a simple movie kiss,
Nothing more, no sexual bliss.
If my hand comes to rest
Upon her plump voluptuous breast,
And another on her hip
While I savour her sweet lips,
Please honey, trust me on this,
It’s nothing but a movie kiss.

Don’t be fooled by our closed eyes
I honestly never get a rise
And about the moans you hear
All acting honey, do not fear.
When we lie naked in bed
Don’t let that get into your head
It is indeed just an act
Believe me babes, it is a fact.

We follow the script faithfully
It calls for the kiss to be steamy
And as my tongue explores her mouth
That’s what acting is all about
We make it seem oh so real
But darling it’s no big deal
And I really do promise
It’s only just a movie kiss.

Written by Me. November 18/13