The Pregnant Nun


DSCN0381 (Photo credit: Adam Comerford)

There was once a Nun

who had none.

Sex I meant,

not a pun.

Never touched by a man

except on her hand

She said sex was not any fun.

Her stomach was always sore

till she couldn’t take it no more

So she went to the doc

who said ‘You’re so full of croc

You are definitely preggers for sure!’


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You did what?

Rape a kid?

Is that

What you did?

Oh no,

You did not!

You must pay

Quite a lot!

Tis a crime


Take a leave

For a while.

For such sin

There’s still hope

I should know

For I’m the Pope

Go out there

And sin no more

You’ve been defrocked!

I’ve evened the score!