I Sometimes See Dead People

I sometimes see dead people

Oh yes I really do!

And if you look intently

You would see them too.


I see them at my work place

The malls and everywhere

They lurk in Government buildings

I see them when I go there.


Sometimes they try to trick you

And mess with your head

By pretending to be alive

While actually they are dead.


My sister and my cousin too

Are dead as door posts

I pretend I do not know

But I am on to them of course.


Yes,  I see dead people

I would never lie to you

And if you don’t believe me

You probably are dead too.



Author: ME













Interview With The Dead Pt.1

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Me:                So you are dead, right? Like totally?

The Dead:  Of course, of course, just look at me

Me:                          But..But that can’t be right!

                             Shouldn’t you only be out at night?

The Dead:     No my friend, things have changed

                           We are now what is called free ranged

Me:                         Can you believe this crazy shit?

                                     This is sure to be a TV hit.

                                    I feel as though I’ve gone insane

                                   Or this is just some silly game.

                                   A dead man right in front of me!

                                    An apparition, a ghost, a damn zombie!

The Dead:            Are you done insulting me?

                                    It’s not a show but reality

                                  I am dead, yes really dead

                                 Just let it sink into your head

Me:                       Of all the crazy things I’ve done

                               This has to be the weirdest one

The Dead:          Why don’t you write a blog post

                               About interviewing me, the ghost?

                              Readers might think it’s cute and funny

                              And maybe it could even earn you money.

Me:                    Dead man, you sure stink up the joint

                            But I admit I do see your point.

                              I will blog about this interview

                            That I had today with you.

                              Maybe someone will be impressed

                            And then I could be Freshly Pressed…

                           Goodbye Mr.  Dead man, see you later, NOT!

                          Rest In  Peace, or should I say ‘rot’?