My Wife The Witch

I dreamt that my wife was a witch

A what?

A witch, you thought I said bitch?

On her broom she sat

Wearing her witch hat

While I fumbled with the damn light switch.


And then she cackled at me

Did what?

Cackled, as in laugh crazily

Then she scratched at her toes

with her long pointy nose

And had the nerve to still smile at me.


I reached up over the bed

Why for?

The light switch, it was close to my head

But I just couldn’t reach

And I heard her screech

A sound that filled me with dread.


So close I could smell her foul breath

Oh really?

Yes,  I was ready for death

But as she pounced

I used every ounce

Of my strength and woke up in sweat.


So was your wife really a witch?

Say what?

A witch, you thought I said bitch?

Of course not, you dummy!

She was in bed right beside  me

Do your ears have some sort of glitch?



Writer:  ME.  April. 22nd 2014




The Storm

As I lay in deep slumber,

oblivious to the distant thunder,

lightning pierces the darkened skies

but not the eyelids of my eyes.

Pitter patter goes the rain

drumming on my window pane,

and while the moon looks down and scowls

as if in pain the wind it howls.

The clouds as if in sympathy weep

but I miss it all for I’m fast asleep.



The Author.  April 24th 2013



Break Of Dawn

The scream.

Was it a dream?

So shrill.

Echoing still

In my brain

again and again.

Eyes wide.

look outside.

No one in sight.

Only the night.

But I can feel

that it was real.

Back to bed.

Thoughts in my head.

Was it the night

screaming at the light

of approaching dawn

announcing the morn?

From the deep

I reached for sleep



Finding none

I wait for the sun…




The Author.  April 14th 2013

Thought I Saw

I thought I saw a pussycat
But it was just a real big rat.
The biggest rat I’ve ever seen
For sure a rat king or a queen.

I had gotten up to pee
It was dark, I couldn’t see.
But could tell that it was big
Almost like a baby pig.

He brushed against my leg I swear
And that’ s is when I felt his hair.
I know you won’t believe me now
But I am almost  sure he said ‘meow’.

Please believe me, I never lie
I saw a rat-cat with my two eyes!
I told my wife what I had seen.
She laughed and said to me, “Rat Queen?’

But my eyesight has no flaw
I know what I thought I saw
It was right there in front of me
A rat that looked like a big pussy.

The Author.  April. 2nd. 2013


Day 2 NaPoWriMo