Happy Mother’s Day, Momma

Momma, I don’t know how you did it,

When daddy just upped and quit.

A single mom with four of us.

But you managed without a fuss.

You worked so hard to give us food

Like a hen caring for her brood.

With hard work and motivation

Who needs higher education?

A mom like you is hard to find

Because you are one of a kind.

So have a Happy Mother’s Day!

And may God bless you in every way!


Like Really? `

Now where is that darn thing?

Now where is that darn thing?

(In a teen girl’s voice)

It’s like totally gone!

Like totally!

I just left it here,

Like really!

I’m ticked off

Like seriously!

It’s a pain in the ass

Like royally.

* ***********

You don’t understand

Like nearly.

It’s quite obvious

Like clearly.

I can survive

But barely

I like love that remote.

Like Dearly.



The author.  Feb.28th 2013