Thursday Thoughts

In my ‘about’ page, I promised to only write in poetry form but I’ve decided to forego that just this one time.   I promise.  I just wanted to talk to you normally.

A Buffet Of Thoughts has turned out to be my favorite blog.  I enjoy writing every poem and because most, if not all, of them are composed spontaneously, I often write with a big grin on my face as I relate some funny story.   The feedback has been a good motivation also.  Yesterday,  Buffet Of Thoughts received its 50th follower!   Not a large throng I admit, but I am thankful for little things.  Even 5 likes make my day.  I meant 1 like.

For the month of April, those of you who are following me would see a daily poem in your inbox.  (Lucky you!).  If that’s too much then I’m sorry but I am taking part in the National Poetry Writing Month or NaPoWriMo and that means I have to submit one poem a day.  When it’s over, I promise to write only once a week or so.

To spruce things up a bit, I have decided to introduce two characters, Gilles and Mavis to the mix.  Gilles is the bumbling and not-so-smart husband and Mavis basically wears the pants.  Some of my poems will be centered around their adventures.  Should be fun, let’s see how it goes.  (Gilles happens to be the name of my father-in-law also.  Just saying…).

Thanks again for all the love likes.  Stick around, I think I have a couple good poems still left in me.  Actually, I am sure of it.




The Dark Place

That dark place I loathe to go
Where only bad thoughts flow.
No gladness
Just sadness
No Joy, just pain and sorrow.

No! I scream to no avail
Tried resisting but I fail
So unlike me
Locked in my mental jail.

Oh dark place, where is your light?
I cannot see so I can’t fight
I succumb to the night.

The author.  April 3rd. 2013


NaPoWriMo Day 3

A Poem A Day

A poem a day is what they say
And I of course replied, No Way!
Very grateful that you asked.
But it’s such an impossible task.
And seriously, how many times
Can I reuse the same old rhymes?
You will be quickly bored with me
And my tired old poetry.

A poem a day, they still insist
And I of course granted their wish.
I am honored that you asked.
For me it’s just a simple task.
For in my head are poems galore.
As if I had a poetry store.
A poem a day? A piece of cake.
I’ll do it gladly for my readers’ sake

Written by the author.  March 20. 2013


Xpressions Of My Mind

Should you wish to talk to me

Please do so using poetry

Odes or ballads, I don’t care

All poems are welcome here

So please be sure to co-operate

And I will surely appreciate


Limericks I love the best

I’ll use them a bit more than the rest

I also love free verse and rhyme

You’ll see them here most of the time

So humor me, please be so kind

For they are just xpressions of my mind.